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Yair Lapid, a self-proclaimed autodidact, amateur boxer and martial artist who has also published a dozen books, was born 5 November 1963. He is the Tel Aviv-born son of the fiercely secular former justice minister Yosef “Tommy” Lapid, who also left journalism to enter politics. Yair Lapid mother, Shulamit Lapid, is a well-known novelist, playwright and poet.

Yair Lapid quitted high school and began a very successful career in journalism at a newspaper, where he had a weekly column, before joining Chanel 2 as an anchor, a role that boosted his stardom, and he once featured on lists of Israel’s most desirable men.

A centrist opposition leader, Yair Lapid was once known largely for his successful career as a journalist and popular television host. In 2012, he founded the Yesh Atid (There is a Future) party with some dismissing him as the latest in a series of media stars seeking to parlay their celebrity into political success. The party, however, was a big winner in the elections the following year, coming in second by winning 19 seats in the 120-seat Israeli parliament.

From that moment, Yesh Atid established itself as a credible force in politics and became a key player of Benjamin Netanyahu’s coalition government from 2013-2014, when Lapid served as finance minister. In that role, he focused on re-organising a system that provided welfare payouts to the ultra-Orthodox community, which he accused of squeezing money from the state rather than seeking paid employment. Most of his changes were reversed by the following administrations.

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Regarding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Lapid reportedly supports a two-state solution but opposes any division of Jerusalem which is seen by Palestinians as the capital of their future state.

Yair Lapid Biography

Yair Lapid, writer, popular TV host, journalist, and former Finance Minister of Israel, was born in Tel Aviv November 5, 1963. He grew up in London and Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Yad Eliyahu in an apartment bloc called “the Journalists’ Residence” since it housed many prominent journalists. Yair Lapid, the son of then-journalist and future politician Yosef “Tommy” Lapid and novelist Shulamit Lapid.

He began his journalistic career while still serving in the army. After his discharge, he wrote for the daily Maariv, and published poems in literary journals. In 1986, he worked as a movie director for Cannon Films in Los Angeles, and in 1988 he became editor of the weekly Tel Aviv. Lapid’s varied career has also included songwriting, lead parts in movies, literary translation, writing a musical, producing documentary interviews with international figures and hosting entertainment and talk shows on Israel TV. For many years, he was also news anchor on Channel 2 TV.

In 2012 Lapid left Channel 2 and entered politics. He founded the Yesh Atid (There Is a Future) Party, which became the second largest party in Israel in the 2013 election, and served as Israeli Minister of Finance from March 2013 until December 2014.

Lapid’s four suspense novels have been bestsellers, and for his bestselling non-fiction books he has received the Publishers Association’s Gold and Platinum Prizes (2006, 2010, 2011, 2015).

Lapid’s parents were both part of Israel’s secular intelligentsia. His father, Tommy, was a larger than life character, a Holocaust survivor and one of Israel’s most prominent journalists renowned for his acerbic wit, sharp tongue and fiercely secular positions. One of modern Israel’s leading figures, Tommy Lapid entered politics in the late 1990s, going on to become justice minister before returning to the media as a TV commentator and newspaper columnist until his death in 2008.

From his early years Lapid was “a prince,” meaning someone who came from a well-to-do background, went to preppy schools and was destined for great things, given his family’s connections and Israel’s penchant for nepotism. Lapid has a sister Merav, a clinical psychologist, and had another sister Michal, who died in a car accident in 1984. But the “prince” struggled with learning disabilities, which, he says, were the reason he dropped out of high school before earning his diploma.


English, Spanish


Studies toward MA in Hermeneutics and Culture Studies, Bar Ilan University

Military Service:

First Sergeant


Chairman of the Yesh Atid party; member of the Blue and White parliamentary group in the 21st Knesset; former Minister of Finance and member of the Political-Security Cabinet.

For many years, Lapid was a journalist, television presenter, creator and author. He has published 12 books that became best sellers, the most prominent being “Memories After My Death”, which he wrote about his late father. The book topped the best sellers list 100 times and was translated into other languages.

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Prior to his entry into politics, Lapid was active in numerous social organizations, including the ALEH association to assist people with special needs; the Children at Risk Organization for children with autism, and the YRF association for renewal in education for disadvantaged youth. He also served as chair of the Miftan Safed Friends Association and taught citizenship in a school in Jaffa.

In 2012, Lapid announced his entry into politics and founded the Yesh Atid party, which he heads. Yesh Atid is a center party that is both Zionist and liberal. At the core of the party’s philosophy: Renewing Israel’s security concept; striving for a regional agreement and separation from the Palestinians, cleansing the political system and waging a war on corruption, integrating the values of Judaism and the values of democracy, strengthening the law enforcement system, propelling the Israeli economy and strengthening education and science in Israel.

Yesh Atid was the surprise of the 2013 general election, winning 543,458 votes and becoming the second largest party in the Knesset with 19 seats. The party held, in addition to the Finance portfolio, the Education portfolio, Health portfolio, Welfare portfolio and Science, Technology and Space portfolio.

In the elections for the 20th Knesset, Yesh Atid won 11 seats. The party continued to work for an equal army conscription law and for LGBT rights, and promoted issues related to security and public welfare.

In the elections for the 21st Knesset, Yesh Atid merged with the Israel Resilience and Telem parties to form the Blue and White faction, jointly led by Lapid and former IDF Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Benny Gantz. Blue and White won 35 Knesset seats in the elections and became the largest party in the Opposition.

Lapid is a member of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, and the Subcommittee for Intelligence, Secret Services, Captives and Missing Soldiers.

In 2013, Lapid was ranked among the 100 most influential people in the world by TIME magazine.

Knesset Activities:

Knesset Terms
Knesset 19 – 05.02.2013 – 31.03.2015
Knesset 20 – 31.03.2015 – 30.04.2019
Knesset 21 – 30.04.2019 – 03.10.2019
Knesset 22 – 03.10.2019 – 16.03.2020
Knesset 23 – 16.03.2020 – 06.04.2021
Knesset 24 – 06.04.2021

Knesset 19 – Alternate Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
Knesset 20 – Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
Member, Subcommittee for Intelligence, Secret Services, Captives and Missing soldiers
Member, Subcommittee for Foreign Policy and Public Relations
Knesset 21 – Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
Member, Temporary Subcommittee for Intelligence
Knesset 22 – Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
Member, Subcommittee for Intelligence, Secret Services, Captives and Missing soldiers
Knesset 23 – Member, Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee
Member, Subcommittee for Intelligence, Secret Services, Captives and Missing soldiers

Knesset Lobbies
Knesset 20 – Chair, Caucus for Holocaust Survivors
Member, Caucus for Holocaust Survivors
Member, Caucus to Encourage Social-Communal Entrepreneurship
Member, Caucus for the War Against Corruption
Knesset 23 – Member, Caucus for the Jewish People

Other Knesset Roles
Knesset 20 – Chair, Israel-Korea Parliamentary Friendship Group
Knesset 23 – Leader of the Opposition

Parliamentary Groups:

Knesset 19 – Yesh Atid
Knesset 20 – Yesh Atid
Knesset 21 – Blue and White
Knesset 22 – Blue and White
Knesset 23 – Yesh Atid-Telem
Knesset 24 – Yesh Atid

Roles in the Government:

Knesset 19 – Government 33 – From 18/03/2013 Until 04/12/2014


Standing in a Row Again (Heb) (2011)
Memories After My Death (2010)
My Heroes (Heb) (2008)
Sunset in Moscow (Heb) (2007)
The Second Woman (Heb) (2006)
Standing in a Row: collection of newspaper columns (Heb) (2005)
The Sixth Riddle (Heb) (2001)
Elbi – A Knight’s Story (Heb) (1998) One-Man Play (Heb) (1993) Yoav’s Shadow (Heb) (1992)
The Double Head (Heb) (1989)

Yair Lapid Height:

Yair Lapid height is 1.74m

Yair Lapid Party:

Yesh Atid (“there is a future” in Hebrew) is a centrist Israeli political party founded by Yair Lapid in 2012.

Yair Lapid Family:

Yair Lapid is married to Lihi Lapid. Lihi Lapid is a journalist, photographer and author of several best-selling novels and children’s books. Her popular weekly column has run in Yedioth’s local papers for the last 15 years.

Yair Lapid Biography and Profile (Yair Lapid)

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