An analyst says the US’s allegation of Iran fomenting violence in the Iraqi city of Basra is merely a “desperate” attempt to “drum up animosity” towards the country after Washington lost the “united front” of its allies against the Islamic Republic by scrapping the 2015 nuclear agreement.

In an interview with Press TV, E. Michael Jones, editor of the Culture Wars online magazine, said the US is desperately seeking to pin the blame for “everything that is going wrong in the Middle East” on Iran.

“What about the tsunami in Indonesia? Was Iran behind that? What about the attack in Ahvaz? If Iran is the main sponsor of terrorism, why is it the victim of terrorism? And if it is the victim of terrorism, who is responsible for that attack?” asked Jones.

Washington earlier this week closed its consulate In Basra following a rocket attack, citing security “threats,” which it blamed specifically on Tehran.

Iran rejected those claims as “unjustifiable,” with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif telling the CNN on Sunday that Washington “needs to look at its own policies” for what is happening in Iraq.

Jones further called Washington’s claims as “desperation on the part of the [US] administration to drum up animosity toward Iran when the whole united front that they had before is crumbling.”

The analyst further highlighted ongoing European Union efforts to save the Iran nuclear deal after Washington ditched its allies and unilaterally left the international document, saying the 28-nation bloc is now finding ways to blunt the impact of American bans on the Islamic Republic in defiance of Washington.

“The US is obviously isolated,” said Jones, adding that everything the Americans have done since their pullout from the Iran has only “increased their isolation.”

“They are losing their credibility around the world, it’s like the boy who cries wolf too many times,” he said.

US threats, Jones said, “are not being listened to” any more, said Jones, adding, “The more threats they make, the more people get upset with them, and the more people stop listening to them.”



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