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EU leaders have signed off on the Brexit agreement negotiated with Theresa May, described as “the worst deal in history” by Leavers.

The Prime Minister used a press conference in Brussels after the deal was signed Sunday to talk up her agreement with European leaders, while again warning critics that they have no choice but to accept her terms, telling the country “This is the deal that is on the table, this is the best possible deal, this is the only possible deal.”

The British province of Northern Ireland would have to meet additional obligations to the EU in order to keep the border with EU Ireland open — a measure which Northern Ireland’s Brexit-supporting Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) bitterly opposes — while British fish would be excluded from the arrangements without a deal allowing EU trawlers continued access to British waters.

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The arrangements would not cover the services industry, where Britain is most successful in its commercial dealings with the EU.

Brexiteers believe it is highly unlikely that the EU will, in fact, negotiate a mutually beneficial trade agreement during the transition, as either extending the transition or resorting to the backstop — which the UK is not allowed to leave without the EU’s permission — are already so lopsided in its favour.

Addressing the calls on her to renegotiate from pro-Brexit Conservatives and others, the Prime Minister gave her own warning during Sunday’s press conference, remarking:

“I am making the case for this deal to members of Parliament, and I think the point that Jean-Claude Juncker was making that has been reiterated by others, was that if people think somehow there’s another negotiation to be done, that isn’t the case. This is the deal. It is the result of what has been tough and difficult negotiations over a significant period of time. This is the deal that is on the table, this is the best possible deal, this is the only possible deal.”

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