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Jeremy Corbyn is the most popular politician among UK women and Boris Johnson is the most popular among men, according to new analysis from polling company YouGov.

37% of men have a positive opinion of Boris Johnson, making him the most favoured political figure, compared to 29% of women.

The former foreign secretary is also the joint most popular politician among Brits as a whole, with a 32% approval rating, tying at the top spot with Theresa May. Jeremy Corbyn is the third most popular with the entire country.

The Labour leader scores the most popularity points among women, with 32% saying they have a positive opinion of him compared to 29% of men.

Opinion of Mr Corbyn is divided most strongly by age rather than gender. He was comfortably the most popular politician among millennials with 40% reporting a positive opinion of him, ahead of Sadiq Khan on 32%.

However among baby boomers Mr Corbyn is only the 27th most popular.

Despite no longer holding a role in politics, Ed Balls is the fourth most popular political figure in Britain, likely boosted by his appearance on Strictly Come Dancing and subsequent TV presenting roles.

London mayor Sadiq Khan is the fifth most popular, followed by Nigel Farage.

Although Mr Johnson may welcome the news that he is the joint most popular politician, public opinion of the Uxbridge MP has plummeted over the past two years.

As of mid-October opinion of him was at the lowest point since it started being measured, suggesting that his outspoken criticism of Theresa May’s Brexit negotiating strategy is not winning him favour among the public at large.

However the vocal Brexiteer still enjoys support among Conservative party members.

The most recent poll by grassroots organisation ConservativeHome show that he is the most popular choice among party members to lead the Tories next.

But even this silver lining has dimmed recently. Mr Johnson support has dropped by 16 points from 35 to 19 since September, putting him ahead of Sajid Javid by a mere sliver.

– YNews


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