Democratic Republic of Congo, Joseph Kabila - DRC - Congo Politics News

Congo’s Emmanuel Ramazani Shadary called for “peace and calm,” adding “I am very confident in victory because the Congolese people will trust me, I campaigned all over the country.”Read More →

Shehu Usman Shagari, Shehu Shagari - Nigeria Politics Headline Today

“My greatest concern is that democracy survives in Nigeria,” Shehu Shagari, Nigeria’s second president told a biographer just before a coup.Read More →

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The Kremlin says the Russian military has successful tested a new Avangard hypersonic glide vehicle. It said Russian President Vladimir Putin oversaw the test launch of the Avangard vehicle from the Defense Ministry’s control room.Read More →

Jamal Khashoggi - Time Person Of the Year 2018

Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, who was murdered in October at his country’s Istanbul consulate, was named Time magazine’s “Person of the Year” Tuesday, an honor he shared with other targeted journalists recognized as “guardians” of the truth.Read More →

Russian Tupolev Tu-160 Strategic Supersonic Bombers - Russia News

“The purpose is to increase the perception that Venezuela is supported by Russia, China and Belarus, that it has the support of a power, in case another power tries to invade,” Former defense minister Raul said.Read More →

Angela Merkel - Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer - Germany Politics Today

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, 56, has differentiated herself from Angela Merkel on social and foreign policy by voting in favour of quotas for women on corporate boards and by taking a tougher line on Russia. Read More →

Vladimir Putin and Sergei Shoigu - Russian News

“Next year is going to be extremely busy. Over 4,000 various types of drills and nearly 8,500 practical combat training events are scheduled. The main focus will be placed on applying expertise in the use of troops in today’s armed conflicts and training commanders to effectively address non-standard tasks,” the Russian defense minister was quoted by Tass news agency as saying.Read More →

Shamila Batohi - South Africa

Shamila Batohi, a prominent Indian-origin lawyer, started her public service as a junior prosecutor in the Chatsworth Magistrates’ Court in 1986 and has served as the first regional head of the directorate of special operations based in KwaZulu-Natal. Continue with Shamila Batohi Biography and Profile.Read More →

Shamila Batohi - Cyril Ramaphosa - South Africa

Shamila Batohi, who has worked for the past nine years as a legal adviser to the prosecutor in the International Criminal Court in The Hague, is seen by political commentators as untainted by local political factions. Read More →

George H.W. Bush - George Herbert Walker Bush - USA Politics News Today

Former US President George H.W. Bush, a patrician New Englander whose presidency soared with the coalition victory over Iraq in Kuwait, but then plummeted in the throes of a weak economy that led voters to turn him out of office after a single term, has died. He was 94.Read More →

Russias Pantsir, Pantsir-S , Russia , Russias Pantsir-S , Russias Pantsir-S1 Air-Defense System , Russia Pantsir-S1 Air-Defense System

“The newest [Pantsir-S] air defence systems have entered service among the anti-aircraft missile units of the Southern Military District deployed in Crimea […] as part of the programme to re-equip the district’s troops,” the press service said.Read More →

Ukrainian Navy said the incident took place as three of its ships were transiting from the Black Sea port of Odesa to Mariupol

FSB: “Three ships of the Naval Forces of Ukraine, in violation of Articles 19 and 21 of the United Nations Convention of Sea Law, defining the coastal state’s right to ensure safety in maritime space, crossed the Russian state border, unlawfully entering the off-limits water area of Russian sea territory.”Read More →

Stacey Abrams and Brian Kemp - USA Political Today

U.S. Democrat Stacey Abrams: “I am fighting to make sure our democracy works for and represents everyone who has ever put their faith in it. I am fighting for every Georgian who cast a ballot with the promise that their vote would count.”Read More →

Miguel Diaz-Canel and Kim Jong Un - Cuba News - North Korea Politics

Miguel Diaz-Canel, who is in Asia on his first international tour since assuming office in April, arrived in Pyongyang with his wife on Sunday. He was met at the airport by Kim Jong Un, who joined him on the ride into the city past flower-waving and cheering crowds.Read More →

NATO Military Drill - Europe News

“The main NATO countries are increasing their military presence in the region, near Russia’s borders,” Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said, slamming “the sabre-rattling”.

“Such irresponsible actions are bound to lead to a destabilisation of the political situation in the North, to heighten tensions,” she said, vowing Moscow would “take the necessary retaliatory measures to ensure its security.”Read More →

Jamal Khashoggi Death - Saudi Arabia News

The report by Yeni Safak on Monday said Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, a member of Prince Mohammed’s entourage on trips to the United States, France and Spain this year, made the calls from the consulate. The newspaper said the four calls went to Bader al-Asaker, the head of Prince Mohammed’s office. It said another call went to the United States. That yet again adds to the pressure Saudi Arabia faces over the slaying of the Washington Post columnist.Read More →

Nuclear Forces' Drills In Russia

“Ballistic missiles were live-fired from submarines, along with the launches of airborne cruise and aircraft missiles from the Barents and Okhotsk Seas, including by long-range aircraft, which took off from the Engels, Ukrainka and Shaikovka airfields,” the ministry said in the statement.Read More →