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British Prime Minister Theresa May is expected on Friday to announce her departure from office, The Times reported, without citing a source. May would remain as prime minister while her successor is elected in a two-stage process under which two final candidates face a ballot of 125,000 Conservative Party members, the newspaper said. May’s premiership had already been seen as hanging by a thread, with a high-profile Cabinet minister having quit and a growing revolt over Brexit looking set to force the U.K. leader from power. The resignation came from Leader of the House of Commons Andrea Leadsom, who said she no longer believed the government’s approach would honor the result of the 2016 referendum. Theresa May’s office said the prime minister was “disappointed” but would stay focused on delivering Brexit. Leadsom and other ministers spent much of Wednesday in private talks plotting to kill May’s last-gasp plan to use a possible second referendum to get her divorce agreement through Parliament. As the pro-Brexit faction within May’s Cabinet discussed how to coordinate their revolt, the most senior rank-and-file members of her Conservative Party held a crisis meeting to weigh up whether to throw her out altogether. The pound fell as investors braced for the prospect that a pro-Brexit hard-liner could succeed May, and might rip Britain out of the European Union with no deal to cushion the blow. It was a day when May’s authority could almost be seen draining away. As she spoke in the Commons, May’s colleagues paid…

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