Jeremy Corbyn and Tom Watson - UK POLITICS NEWS

Tom Watson has espoused a number of viewpoints, particularly on Brexit, that angered many of Jeremy Corbyn’s left-wing supporters but appealed to the Labour Party’s moderate wing.

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Theresa May - Jeremy Corbyn - UK Politics Today

“The legal summary document is worse than we feared: the backstop customs union is indefinite, the UK would be a rule taker and the European Court (of Justice) is in charge of our destiny, rather than the sovereign UK parliament,” former Brexit minister David Davis said. “This is not Brexit.”Continue reading

Lloyd Russell-Moyle - UK Politics

Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, speaking in the House of Commons, said: “I am an HIV-positive man, but because I’ve been taking the right medication for several years, I am what the NHS calls HIV-positive ‘undetectable’. Next year I’ll be marking an anniversary of my own: 10 years since I became HIV positive.”Continue reading

John McDonnell - UK Politics Today

John McDonnell who describes Karl Marx as one of his main influences, has been at the vanguard of a left-wing revival in Britain’s main opposition party under fellow socialist Jeremy Corbyn. He has promised sweeping nationalisation, higher public spending and an overhaul of the banking system.Continue reading


With just over six months until Britain leaves the European Union, Theresa May has yet to reach a deal with Brussels on the terms of the divorce, and her plan for future trade ties has been rebuffed by both the EU and many lawmakers in her own party. Keir Starmer said: “Everybody recognises the talks are going badly and it looks as though we’re heading for a bad deal or even no deal. We, the Labour Party, are going to vote down a bad deal or we’re going to vote down no deal because that is not good for our country nor is it what people voted for.” Continue reading