New Caledonia Flag

Despite invasion and colonization by the British and French, and the decimation of tribal populations through slavery and introduced diseases, a great deal of Kanak culture has been preserved over the years. Continue with New Caledonia: History and Profile.Here's the full story.

Slavery, Colonialism, British Empire - Jeremy Corbyn News

Corbyn insists it has never been a more important time for the UK to learn about the “legacy of the British Empire, colonisation and slavery,” in light of the recent Windrush scandal.

“Black history is British history, and it should not be confined to a single month each year. It is vital that future generations understand the role that black Britons have played in our country’s history and the struggle for racial equality,” Labour leader Jeremy said. Here's the full story.

Melania Trump Lays Wreath At Slave Castle In Ghana

U.S. First lady Melania Trump laid a wreath at a slave fortress on the coast of Ghana, vowing never to forget the place where Africans were held before being shipped away into further hardship, most across the Atlantic. “It’s really, really touching,” Melania Trump said. “The dungeons that I saw, it’s really something that people should see and experience, and what happened so many years ago — it’s really a tragedy.” Here's the full story.