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“It’s a moment of celebration beyond the poor decision by the Legislature to confirm Pierluisi,” said Willmai Rivera, a lawyer who attended the protest with her 78-year-old mother. “I’m not entirely happy because we know that difficult times are ahead, but this was historic, and we have to celebrate it.”Continue reading

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Wanda Vazquez: “The vicious attacks on my personal and professional integrity continue. The desire and agenda of some to try to undermine my credibility at this moment of transcendental importance to Puerto Rico and to destabilize the governmental order is evident.”Continue reading

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“I recognize that the frustrations and pressures of the day-to-day can be expressed in an incorrect way within the privacy of a friendship,” Wanda Vázquez Garced said. “But I have to express the deep regret this causes me as a woman, as a mother, as a professional and as a citizen of this beautiful island.”Continue reading