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Diane Shima Rwigara - Rwanda News

Former presidential candidate Diane Shima Rwigara has penned an emotional open letter to President Paul Kagame accusing him of condoning political murders. Rwigara wrote the letter after the gruesome murder of a prison guard named Jean Paul Mwiseneza aka Nyamata on June 10. Mwiseneza was repeatedly stabbed and dismembered, allegedly shortly after speaking with Rwigara about the unrest at Mageragere penitentiary in June, which left many inmates seriously injured. Rwigara says she chose to write to the president directly because organisations like National Commission for the Fight Against Genocide (CNLG) and Ibuka, which are responsible for seeking justice for genocide survivors, “are too afraid to stand up to the ruling party”. She says the government seems committed to retaining the searing memory of people killed during genocide. “Your Excellence, the international community has rightly congratulated Rwanda for abolishing the death penalty. But I am forced to ask: why are our fellow citizens continually the object of extrajudicial executions? And, as our head of state, why would you condone such executions in your May 10, 2019, Rubavu speech? Your subordinates emulate you. At Mwiseneza’s funeral, Chief Superintendent Innocent Iyaburunga blamed Mwiseneza for his own death…”, Rwigara writes in the 9-page letter. Rwigara goes on to question Kagame’s Never Again slogan, which she says she “presumed meant that no more Rwandan blood ever would be shed unjustly as it looks like Rwandan lives seem to not matter”. She goes on to say she remains “very grateful” to Kagame and the Rwandan PatrioticContinue reading

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