Seriake Dickson, Nigerian News Today

It’s easy to be drawn towards Governor Seriake Dickson. Dickson has the gift of the gab. The governor of Bayelsa can easily convince even the most critical of his style of governance that he’s the greatest thing that has happened to Bayelsa since sliced bread. He exudes the confidence of a warrior, the subtlety of a salesman and the intellect that far surpasses that of the average Nigerian politician. He cuts the picture of a man of conviction, whose personal opinion about every issue cannot easily be swayed. Like his physical stature, which could be intimidating, Dickson’s confidence, which many interpret as arrogance or overconfidence, can be quite overwhelming. Going into the poll, even his political enemies would easily admit that Dickson would be a hard nut to crack. They recall his exploits in 2015, when the All Progressives Congress (APC) had just won elections at the federal level with Muhammadu Buhari as president. Against all odds, Dickson as the incumbent won his re-election. Not the type to yield ground or be caught unawares, Governor Dickson, the politician, has the uncanny ability to foresee future political threats even before they begin to manifest and then begin the process of neutralising such risks. But like every human, like every politician, and even army generals, who lead troops to war, Dickson has his own weaknesses. Military tacticians sometimes design war strategies wrongly and get their foot soldiers killed at the warfront. For most of strongmen, their greatest strength is also their greatestContinue reading

Nigeria Border Closure

Senator Adamu Abdullahi: “’We therefore stand with this government shoulder to shoulder in support of this policy for border closure, and we are urging further that the border closure should continue. We have a duty to protect our own, if you don’t want to eat Nigerian grown rice, that’s your own problem.”Continue reading

Yahaya Bello, Nigerian News

The Kogi state governorship election has finally come and gone, with Yahaya Bello of the All Progressives Congress (APC) returned to the Lugard House for a second term. Of a truth, Bello’s victory did not come as a surprise to many who followed events leading to the poll and to those who monitored the exercise closely. Ibrahim Garba, the returning officer, declared Bello winner after he polled a total of 406,222 votes. Musa Wada, candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), came a distant second with 189,704 votes, with 21 other candidates trailing far behind. Bello’s incumbency as current governor of the state played a key role in the poll as was evident in various areas, from the operation of security operatives deployed for the exercise to events at the polling unit. Below are four major factors that contributed to his victory: ‘FOOT SOLDIERS’ Across the state, there were reports of violence; ballot boxes were being snatched in the presence of policemen while voters and electoral staff were intimidated as well. The situation got so bad that Situation Room, the local election monitor, called for the cancellation of the exercise. At a particular polling unit in Kabba/Bunu LGA, votes were being counted when the youth present let loose and started destroying the ballot papers. One of the presiding officers counting the ballot papers had barely gone half way when a youth threw a satchet water at her while others poured more into the ballot box. Not long before the incidentContinue reading

Muhammadu Buhari Signing - Nigeria News Headline

“Now, a month later, we have together with the Ninth National Assembly made history with the passage and the signing of the amended bill into law. We will continue to work together to deliver on all our promises to ensure inclusive growth and enhance the welfare of all Nigerians”, the president tweeted.Continue reading