Jeremy Corbyn - UK Politician

“I believe, with different leadership, we would have kept much of our vote in traditional Labour areas,” Tony Blair said. “He (Corbyn) personified politically a brand of quasi-revolutionary socialism, mixing far-left economic policy with deep hostility to Western foreign policy which never has appealed to traditional Labour voters and never will appeal to them.”Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn in UK Parliament

Jeremy Corbyn: “I very gently, and quite simply but extremely firmly, say this, in any trade deal with the United States with a Labour government, public services will not be put on the table. Our NHS (National Health Service) will not be put up for sale to anybody.”Continue reading

Jeremy Corbyn

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Jeremy Corbyn: “I will adopt as prime minister, if I am, at the time, a neutral stance so that I can credibly carry out the results of that (referendum) to bring our communities and country together, rather than continuing an endless debate about the EU, and Brexit.”Continue reading