Finland to Put Electronic 'Fetters' On Asylum Seekers

The future government of Antti Rinne of Sdp intends to allow the use of footwear for asylum seekers who have received a negative decision. According to information from several sources from the HS, an agreement has been reached in the negotiating team which is no longer open to the party chairmen. The Aliens Act currently has criteria for detaining an alien. The idea behind Pantaseuranta is that instead of detention, a foreigner could be subject to technical control. In practice, this is a locational footman. At present, firing is used in Finland for persons sentenced to surveillance punishment. The legislative change envisaged by the future government applies to foreigners in general, but is intended for asylum seekers who have received a negative decision in practice. It does not apply to all those who have received a negative decision, but to those for whom the criteria laid down by law are met and the authorities consider the measure justified. More detailed criteria for the use of footwear will be defined in the course of drafting the law. So far, for example, there is an open question as to whether children and minors would also have access to footwear. It is also open to the question of whether the same or looser criteria could be imposed on the football stock than currently imposed by the Aliens Act on detention. The Aliens Act defines six possible conditions for detention. These include, for example, the risk of concealment or escapement, suspicion of crime orContinue reading

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