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Boris Johnson’s allies in Northern Ireland vowed Saturday to keep rejecting the British prime minister’s divorce deal with the European Union until his government wins more concessions from the bloc. Arlene Foster, the leader of Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party, said she demanded honesty from the British government. She told her party conference in Belfast that regulatory and customs borders between Northern Ireland and the rest of the United Kingdom were not acceptable.Trends For You 🔥 Sanders Finds Unusual Ally in Trump Maduro: Guaidó ‘Will Be Jailed’ For ‘All Crimes He’s Committed’ Trump and His Controversial Peace Plan For Palestine and Israel “We will not give support to the government when we believe they are fundamentally wrong and acting in a way that is detrimental to Northern Ireland and taking us in the wrong direction,” Arlene Foster said. “We will oppose them and we will use our votes to defeat them.” Her comments are important because Johnson needs more votes in Parliament than just his Conservative party to get his Brexit deal passed. “Let me say clearly from this platform today that we want to support a deal that works for the whole of the United Kingdom and which does not leave Northern Ireland behind,” she said. “But without change, we will not vote for the prime minister’s agreement.” Parliament has already dealt Johnson a series of setbacks and derailed his promise to take Britain out of the EU by the end of the month “come what may.” Johnson hasContinue reading

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“All of the great and the good who were rolled out during the #EURef (EU referendum) will be rolled out again in the coming weeks to try and get us to fall into line. We are clear – we will not be voting for this humiliation!” Northern Irish DUP hardliner Sammy Wilson said on Twitter.Continue reading