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“They can play that game,” Donald Trump said, “but we can play it better, because we have a thing called the United States Senate.”

“We’d like to work together so our legislation will be bipartisan,” Nancy Pelosi said Democrats weren’t elected to be “a rubber stamp” for Trump.Read More →

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Democrats seized control of the House of Representatives in a midterm setback for Donald Trump. “Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans. It’s about restoring the constitution’s checks and balances to Trump administration,” Pelosi declares.Read More →

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Fallout from the Kavanaugh hearings is mixing with divisions over health care, President Donald Trump and immigration reform to create a neck-and-neck race in the district 80 miles (129 kilometers) east of San Francisco where Democrats count a slender registration edge and whites and Hispanics make up nearly equal parts of the population. U.S. voters like Lou Waller said: “It all stems from the Kavanaugh hearin. I’ve got a bitter taste in my mouth about the whole situation.”Read More →

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Only 95 of the 435 House races are considered competitive. Of the 340 House seats that are not competitive, 150 are safely Republican, while 190 are safely Democrat. Breitbart News estimates that 66 of the 95 competitive races are now likely Republican, while nine are now likely Democrat. Here is a brief analysis of each these 20 toss-up races, organized by state…Read More →

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Barack Obama is jumping back into campaign-mode with a visit to a once-solid Republican stronghold in California, promoting Democratic congressional candidates and reminding voters of the stakes in the November elections. “I wish he would come more often because he reminds Republicans of eight years of misery,” said Republican National Committeeman Shawn Steel, who lives in Orange County. “It’s a good for the base. … It reminds the Republicans why these midterms are important.”Read More →