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“All of the great and the good who were rolled out during the #EURef (EU referendum) will be rolled out again in the coming weeks to try and get us to fall into line. We are clear – we will not be voting for this humiliation!” Northern Irish DUP hardliner Sammy Wilson said on Twitter.Here's the full story.

Theresa May - Politics Headline UK News Today

Theresa May tells MPs the Brexit divorce agreement with Brussels is now 95% settled, but insisted she will not accept any final deal that creates a customs border in the Irish Sea. It comes after an estimated 700,000 protesters marched through London on Saturday demanding a “People’s Vote” on the terms of a deal, and a wave of speculation in the Sunday newspapers that a vote of no confidence in the prime minister could be imminent.Here's the full story.

Michel Barnier - EU News - European Union Today

European Union negotiator Michel Barnier said on Friday a Brexit deal with the United Kingdom was 90 percent done, although there was still a chance no accord would be reached due to ongoing stumbling blocks over the Irish border. “Ninety percent of the accord on the table has been agreed with Britain,” European Union negotiator Michel Barnier told France Inter radio. Here's the full story.

Tony Blair - UK Politics Headline News Today

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair said on Thursday he would advise Labour Party lawmakers to vote down a Brexit divorce deal that Theresa May is trying to clinch with the European Union.

“My view is this only happens if there is blockage in parliament. But if there is blockage in parliament it is a very simple argument. You say look we have been two and a bit years trying to reach an agreement that works, parliament is blocked.” Here's the full story.

Jeremy Corbyn - UK Politics News

British opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn said to a standing ovation: “As it stands, Labour will vote against the Chequers plan or whatever is left of it and oppose leaving the EU with no deal. And it is inconceivable that we should crash out of Europe with no deal – that would be a national disaster. That is why if parliament votes down a Tory (Conservative) deal or the government fails to reach any deal at all we would press for a general election.” Here's the full story.