Milorad Dodik, of the Alliance of Independent Social Democrats, SNSD attends a news conference where he declared himself the winner of the Serb seat of the Tri-partite Bosnian Presidency in Banja

The largest parties from Bosnia’s Serb, Muslim and Croat communities, which have been in power most of the time since its 1992-95 war ended, mostly entrenched their domination of all layers of Bosnia’s complex government. “Yesterday’s election, much like previous elections in Bosnia, will serve to perpetuate the political deadlock and make the country’s EU and NATO accession difficult,” said Marko Attila Hoare, political analyst and Balkan historian. Continue reading

Bosnia Election

While the list of economic woes facing the country is long, many voters say they have lost faith in a political class accused of stoking nationalism to stay in power.

“I think the nationalists will win once again and nothing will change,” said Armin Bukaric, a 45-year-old businessman in Sarajevo, echoing a common view on the capital’s streets.Continue reading