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Boris Johnson dodged a question on whether he would resign if he failed to win a majority and dismissed questions suggesting that, after nearly a decade of Conservative rule, he was offering voters little beyond Brexit.Continue reading

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Twitter: “We have global rules in place that prohibit behaviour that can mislead people, including those with verified accounts. Any further attempts to mislead people by editing verified profile information – in a manner seen during the UK Election Debate – will result in decisive corrective action”Continue reading

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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said on Monday he was putting on hold further cuts in corporation tax and told voters he would pump the money into services such as health instead, addressing a central issue in the Dec. 12 election. “We are postponing further cuts in corporation tax,” Boris Johnson told business leaders at a conference organised by Britain’s main business lobby, the CBI. “This saves 6 billion pounds that we can put into the priorities of the British people, including the NHS (National Health Service),” he said. Britain had been due to cut its corporation tax rate to 17% next year, down from 19% now, which is already one of the lowest among the world’s big industrialised economies.Most Popular Revealed: Boris Johnson Describes David Cameron as a ‘Girly Swot’ Britain’s Global Reputation Slides Down With Parliament Shutdown Defiant Tory Rebels Taking Boris Johnson to Court to Enforce Brexit Delay The Battle to Stop Brexit Now Over UK Will Be Fully Prepared For No-Deal Brexit – Sajid Javid Boris Johnson Calling Queen’s Speech For Oct. 14: What You Need to Know Johnson has faced questions about how he would pay for the extra public spending that he has promised, without ramping up borrowing sharply. In September, his finance minister Sajid Javid announced the biggest increase in day-to-day spending in 15 years in what was widely seen as an attempt to counter the spending promises of the left-wing opposition Labour Party. Johnson’s announcement received a cautious welcome from the headContinue reading