Scott Morrison - Australia Politics News Headlines

“It’s extremely unusual for an Australian prime minister to make a bilateral visit of this nature. It’s a very important signal.” – Australian National University academic and former diplomat James Batley.Read More →

Australia Day

“It’s a very expensive undertaking to do a public event on a public holiday. About two or three only moved the day for ideological reasons.” – Australian Local Government Association President David O’Loughlin.Read More →

Marise Payne - Australia Today

Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is currently staying in a Bangkok hotel under the care of the United Nation’s refugee agency (UNHCR), which has been processing her application for refugee status ahead of possible resettlement in Australia.Read More →

Scott Morrison - Australia Politics News Headlines

“The Australian government has decided that Australia now recognizes west Jerusalem, as the seat of the Knesset and many of the institutions of government, is the capital of Israel,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.Read More →

Scott Morrison - Australia Politics News Headline

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “It has been to the great anguish of the Australian people, as they have seen this happen in the Labor and the Liberal party. And they’re sick of it…and it has to stop.”Read More →

Australia Protest Climate Change

Children, parents and teachers gathered in Sydney’s central business district in the lunch hour, chanting “ScoMo’s got to go”, referring to Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison.Read More →