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“Our partnership with each other has to be done in the spirit of a family relationship and I think that’s what we’ve been able to achieve today.” – Australia’s Scott Morrison.Read More →

Scott Morrison - Australia Politics News Headline

“We will work with Fiji to help them access the Pacific Labour Scheme this year, boosting both economies while helping Australian farmers,” Australia’s PM Scott Morrison said ahead of his visit.Read More →

Scott Morrison - Australia Politics News Headlines

“It’s extremely unusual for an Australian prime minister to make a bilateral visit of this nature. It’s a very important signal.” – Australian National University academic and former diplomat James Batley.Read More →

Australia Day

“It’s a very expensive undertaking to do a public event on a public holiday. About two or three only moved the day for ideological reasons.” – Australian Local Government Association President David O’Loughlin.Read More →

Pauline Hanson - Australia Politics Headline

“I have written to the Prime Minister saying, ‘look, all those people out there Work for the Dole are doing absolutely nothing, or even kids that are on holidays’, put down the iPads, get out there, collect the cane toads … and clean up our environment.” – Pauline Hanson.Read More →

Marise Payne - Australia Today

Saudi teen Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun is currently staying in a Bangkok hotel under the care of the United Nation’s refugee agency (UNHCR), which has been processing her application for refugee status ahead of possible resettlement in Australia.Read More →

Stephen Andrew - Australia News

Stephen Andrew born December 9th, 1968, is currently the sitting Member for Mirani, elected to Parliament on the 25th of November 2107 for One Nation. Read Stephen Andrew Biography and Profile.Read More →

Pauline Hanson - Australia Politics Today

Pauline Lee Hanson, an Australian politician who is the founder and leader of Pauline Hanson’s One Nation Party was born 27 May 1954. Read Pauline Hanson Biography and Profile.Read More →

Scott Morrison - Australia News

Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison: “I think the responses that we have seen from countries so far has been measured.”Read More →

Scott Morrison - Australia Politics News Headlines

“The Australian government has decided that Australia now recognizes west Jerusalem, as the seat of the Knesset and many of the institutions of government, is the capital of Israel,” Prime Minister Scott Morrison said.Read More →

Scott Morrison - Australia Politics News Headline

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said: “It has been to the great anguish of the Australian people, as they have seen this happen in the Labor and the Liberal party. And they’re sick of it…and it has to stop.”Read More →

Australia Protest Climate Change

Children, parents and teachers gathered in Sydney’s central business district in the lunch hour, chanting “ScoMo’s got to go”, referring to Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison.Read More →

Papua New Guinea Manus Island Map

U.S. Vice President Mike Pence: “We will work with these nations to protect the sovereignty and maritime rights of Pacific islands as well. And you can be confident, the U.S. will continue to uphold the freedom of the seas and the skies.” Read More →

Malcolm Turnbull - Australia Politics Today

Former Australia Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull spoke to reporters after meeting Indonesian President Joko “Jokowi” Widodo on the tourist island of Bali on Monday to discuss a bilateral free trade deal.

“The president expressed to me … the very serious concern held in Indonesia about the prospect of the Australian Embassy in Israel being moved from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem,” Turnbull told Australian Broadcasting Corp. in an interview aired on Tuesday. “There’s no question that were that move to occur, it would be met with a very negative reaction in Indonesia.”Read More →