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Ethiopia‚Äôs army chief of staff and the regional president of the northern state of Amhara were killed in two related attacks when a general tried to seize control of Amhara in an attempted coup, the prime minister‚Äôs office said on Sunday.Trending News ūüĒ• Ethiopia‚Äôs Sidama Demands Referendum A political party representing some of Ethiopia‚Äôs ethnic Sidama people said on Thursday it would postpone plans to declare a new region in defiance of the federal government and would accept the offer of a referendum in five months‚Äô time. The plans would be a direct challenge to the federal governme… Ethiopia‚Äôs Abiy Ahmed Emerges As Nobel Prize Favourite During a high-level meeting at Ethiopia‚Äôs foreign ministry in July, officials were shocked by social media reports that their prime minister was visiting Eritrea. No one in the room had been informed of Abiy Ahmed‚Äôs trip, his second since clinching a peace deal last year that ended two decades of ho… TPLF, ADP Feuds Among the Most Serious in Ethiopia A failed regional coup in Ethiopia has exposed rare divisions in the alliance that has dominated the country for three decades, with two of the four ethnic parties that form the ruling coalition trading insults in a public feud.While there have been disagreements among the parties in the past, analy… Buhari: Coups, Revolution Not Going to Happen In Nigeria The Presidency at the weekend in Abuja reacted to calls for revolutionary protests slated for day by Global Coalition for Security and Democracy in Nigeria,Continue reading

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