Felix Tshisekedi Tshilombo - DRC - Congo Politics News - Democratic Republic of the Congo

“I will not be the president of a political organisation … I will not be the president of a tribe … I will be the president of all Congolese.” – Felix Tshisekedi.Read More →

The Museum of Black Civilizations Opens In Senegal

Ernesto O. Ramirez, assistant director-general for culture of Unesco: “This museum is a response to the aspirations of African children to better understand their memory and other cultures. It is also an important step towards the realization of an Africa with a strong cultural identity: a common heritage, values and ethics.”Read More →

Muhammadu Buhari and Xi Jinping - Nigeria Politics - China News Headline

“One of the things that really, really irritated me during my trips to Africa is you go to an African city and there is a stadium invariably built by the Chinese,” Assistant Secretary of State Tibor Nagy told the House Foreign Affairs Committee.Read More →

Belgium's Africa Museum

“There is no decolonisation without restitution,” said Mireille-Tsheusi Robert, who was born in the DRC before moving to Belgium, where she authored a book on racism. Read More →

Uhuru Kenyatta - Kenya Politics

“Africa has not benefitted from this depleting resource. The continent needs to come together to exploit the remaining resources for the benefit of the continent and the future of mankind,” Kenya President Uhuru Kenyatta said.Read More →

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Boukar Mani Orthe, the Niger mayor of Toumour, said about 50 armed men seized the children in a village about 9 km (6 miles) from the town center.Read More →

Brief News, News In Brief, Politicoscope, Politicoscope News In Brief

Senegal’s culture minister says: “It’s entirely logical that Africans should get back their works.”Read More →

Africa Map - Map of Africa

Russia signaled increase influence in Africa, a move seen by France as meddling in its former colonies. “We are pro-actively helping the CAR, knowingly with the support of the people and we would like our efforts to be duly reflected in the French draft,” said Russian Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyanski.Read More →

Atiku Abubakar - Nigeria Politics Story Today

All Progressives Congress and the Director-General of Voice of Nigeria, Mr Osita Okechukwu: “We in APC are confident that the Igbo won’t be fooled by any group, by whatever name, to sell a thoroughly discredited party like the PDP to them.”Read More →

Omosede Gabriella Igbinedion, Omosede Igbinedion - Nigeria Politics

The bid by Omosede Igbinedion, candidate of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) for Ovia Federal Constituency, Edo State to seek re-election appeared slimmer by the day as hundreds of her supporters from the area abandoned her and defected to the All Progressives Congress (APC).Read More →

Godfrey Gandawa - Zimbabwe News

Former Higher and Tertiary Education, Science and Technology Development deputy minister Godfrey Gandawa, who is facing 14 counts of fraud and criminal abuse of office, was expected to appear before High Court judge Justice Tawanda Chitapi for trial.Read More →

Madagascar Flag - Africa News in Politics

Millions of voters in Madagascar queued in long lines early on Wednesday to cast their ballots in a presidential election as the Indian Ocean island struggles to create jobs, fight poverty and end corruption. Read More →

79 Abducted Pupils Freed By Gunmen In Cameroon - Politicoscope

“All 79 students have been released,” said Issa Bakary Tchiroma. Cameroon’s President Paul Biya has promised to pursue policies of decentralisation to address “frustrations and aspirations” in English-speaking regions.Read More →

Julius Malema - South Africa NEws Today

Afriforum CEO Kallie Kriel said: “Irrespective of whether it’s a Breitling watch, luxury vehicle, or computers and furniture in the EFF’s offices will be seized in order to recover the money owed to AfriForum, we will ensure that we will obtain it in order to send a clear message to Malema and the EFF that no one is above the law.”Read More →

Monica Geingos - Namibia News

On her Twitter account, Monica Geingos says she is honoured to receive the award. “This innovative partnership between @Aidsstiftung and Friends of @GlobalFund amplifies AIDS advocacy through the arts (@deutsche_oper).”Read More →