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The Syrian government reopened the Nassib border crossing with Jordan on Saturday, said the transport ministry, three years after the major trade route was closed by rebels.

The Nassib crossing was captured by rebels in 2015, cutting a major transit route for hundreds of trucks a day transporting goods between Turkey and the Gulf, and Lebanon and the Gulf.

“Truck and transit traffic has started through the Syrian-Jordanian border,” said a ministry statement sent to Reuters.

Billions of dollars in annual trade moved through the Nassib crossing in southern Syria before fighting started in 2011 and its closure has weighed on the economy of Syria and its neighbours.

Lebanon’s economy minister told Reuters in July the crossing was “a vital artery” for the Lebanese economy and a deal should be reached to re-open it.

Damascus has been engaged in technical talks with Amman in September to resume movement via the Nassib route recaptured by Syrian forces in July.

The Syrian government has recovered control of most of the country with help from its allies Russia and Iran.

– Reuters

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