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Stephen Andrew born December 9th, 1968, is currently the sitting Member for Mirani, elected to Parliament on the 25th of November 2107 for One Nation. Stephen is a 5th Generation descendant from South Sea Islander ‘Kanakas’ who has deep roots within the Mirani electorate with both sides of Family being established from the late 1800’ within the Community from Rockhampton to Mackay.

As a Family Man Stephen has taken up the challenge to be a representative for the People, his experience is broad having both Electrical Fitter/Mechanic (Diploma Instruments) and Mechanical Trades, He still runs a successful firearms business and Mining/ Vertebrae Pest Management business that services both the Mining and Rural Sectors.

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From a Business/Working standpoint, Stephen has witnessed firsthand legislation and its poor translation towards business and the Rural sector, lack of consultation to certain groups that allow for unnecessary hardship and long-term detriment, yet legislation for other areas that seems to lack structure that is unfairly framed and allows waste and reduces value for money to the taxpayer.

Cost of living, future Water/Power Infrastructures, Youth Employment and overall State debt will also make up a large part of what Stephen will be addressing, with a view of working towards strengthening and merging Mirani with our Great State of Queensland to bolster our position for future Generations.

Notwithstanding, focus towards Law and Order with the ever-increasing Ice/drug issues have also been identified as an issue that is restraining and decaying our community, we will also be looking for a sustainable Community-based solution to address these issues as they emerge in their different forms.

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As a Local, both of Stephens Grandfathers were born within the Boundaries of Mirani, from his Mothers side, James Searle Petersen was born in St Lawrence, James served in the 43rd Battalion in France during the Great War and ran Bullock Trains over the range with supplies and tools, to finish up working Down the line for Queensland Rail on the fencing Gang.

From his South Sea’s Father’s side, Cedric Andrew Andrew who was born on the banks of Sandy Creek in a Hessian Hut, from which today the Homebush Sandy Creek Bridge proudly bears his name. Cedric was a well known and respected person in the community that has seen him live for 101 Years, his strong sense of values has been passed onto Stephen through 45 Years of close Family ties.

“There is nothing that we as the Government have or have access to that is not from the People and their contribution to our Great State, this revenue care is taken by ‘US’ the Government, supplied through Community’s, Business, royalties and tax contributions, is to ensure the future and Infrastructure for our growing State and its future prosperity, therefore we as a responsible and ethical Government should always consider the People and their position first and foremost to ensure they are not disadvantaged and we provide the levelest playing field through the lowest possible cost of living or Business Operation.”

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