Bashar al-Assad - Syria Politics News Headline

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad issued Law 42, extending this period from 30 days to a year and adding other amendments including giving claimants more time to appeal verdicts, and letting them do so through the normal courts instead of through a dedicated judicial committee.Read More →

Stepan Poltorak - Ukraine News

Ukrainian Defense Minister Stepan Poltorak: “Russia is not the sole owner of the Black Sea, because there are Alliance member countries there, they have their interests there. Our capabilities are greater there than in the Sea of Azov, and our ability to respond is also much greater.”Read More →

Yemen War News Headline

“If the port at Hodeida is destroyed, that could create an absolutely catastrophic situation. The fighting must stop, a political debate must begin, and we must prepare a massive humanitarian response to avoid the worst next year,” UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned.Read More →

Vladimir Putin, Donald Trump Shake Hands At 100th Anniversary of Armistice

Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald Trump greeted each other and shook hands at the Arc de Triomphe where world leaders gathered to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice that brought World War One to an end, Russian television showed. Read More →

US Ends Refuelling Of Saudi-Led Coalition Aircraft In Yemen war

“Hodeida is at risk of being obliterated,” said Mohamed Abdi of the Norwegian Refugee Council. “We are now warning that by allowing this to go on, parties to the conflict and their international backers will be responsible for the death, injury and suffering of millions of people.”Read More →

Russian S-300 Air Defence System - Russia News

Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman said: “We will not accept any restrictions on our freedom of operation.” High-ranking Israeli military officials justify this by saying that if they were to inform Russia in advance, it could result in information leaks.Read More →

Mike Pompeo and Kim Jong Un - North Korea - US

South Korea FM Kang Kyung-wha: “We were notified by the United States that North Korea explained that (the meeting) should be postponed because both sides have busy schedules. I think it would be excessive to read too much into the postponement of the meeting.”Read More →