Taha Siddiqui - Pakistan News

Pakistan’s information minister, Fawwad Chaudhry, told Reuters his office was “trying to establish close coordination” with Twitter to curb “hate speech and death threats”, but did not directly respond to questions on the case of Siddiqui, and another activist who received two warnings, Gul Bukhari.Read More →

Rev. Jesse Jackson - Stacey Abrams vs Brian Kemp - Georgia Election - USA Politics

The Rev. Jesse Jackson, who had been troubleshooting election irregularities in the city that day, was at the precinct Tuesday to investigate. Rev. Jesse Jackson said: “People discouraged. Denial of opportunity. Denial of access to democracy. That’s what voter suppression looks like. I’ve seen this for a long time.”Read More →

Jamal Khashoggi and Saudi Arabia Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Guardian reporter Saeed Kamali Dehghani: “I can confirm that Jamal Khashoggi was killed because of speaking to me on the phone from Istanbul in the morning on 26 September, revealing that London-based Iran International TV was funded by Mohammad Bin Salman and Saud al-Qahtani.”Read More →

Jamal Khashoggi - Saudi Arabia Missing Journalist

Source reveals that Jamal Khashoggi’s body was dissolved in acid in one of the rooms of consul’s Istanbul residence. “It would appear, according to the source that during that two week period, acid was used to dispose of the dismembered body of Jamal Khashoggi.”Read More →

Benjamin Netanyahu - Israel Politics News Headlines

“After over three years of a stubborn struggle, the death penalty for terrorists law will finally be brought to the law committee next Wednesday (November 14), and then for its first reading in the Knesset plenum,” Lieberman said on Twitter.Read More →

Jamal Khashoggi sons - Abdullah Khashoggi (left), Salah Khashoggi (right)

The sons of murdered journalist Jamal Khashoggi have asked Saudi authorities to return the body of their father so the family can properly grieve, they told CNN in an interview. “I really hope that whatever happened wasn’t painful for him, or it was quick. Or he had a peaceful death,” Abdullah Khashoggi.Read More →

Huang Qi - China Cyber-Dissident

“I don’t want my son to die in prison. I hope the authorities will let him receive medical treatment. Huang Qi’s current condition is extremely urgent,” Huang 85-year-old mother, Pu Wenqing, who travelled to Beijing in October to make a case for her son, said.Read More →