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African Union - AF News

Ethiopia and the AU have been mediating between the military council and the pro-democracy movement demanding civilian rule. Talks collapsed when Sudanese security forces cleared a protest camp in the capital, Khartoum, earlier this month. The deadly clampdown killed at least 128 people cross the county, according to protest organizers.Here's the full story.

Egypt, Zyad Elelaimy

Zyad Elelaimy, a prominent member of the Egyptian Social Democratic Party and spokesman for the since-dissolved Jan. 25 Revolution Coalition, was held along with at least seven others who the ministry described as loyal to the Muslim Brotherhood.Here's the full story.

Mohammed Morsi Of Muslim Brotherhood - Egypt News Headline

Mohammed Morsi’s son Ahmed said: “He has been placed behind glass cage (during trials). No one can hear him or know what is happening to him. He hasn’t received any visits for a months or nearly a year. He complained before that he doesn’t get his medicine. This is premediated murder. This is slow death.”Here's the full story.