Angela Merkel - Politics News in Germany

In Bremen, a new face for the CDU, IT businessman Carsten Meyer-Heder, senses a “mood for change”. Polls put him one point ahead of experienced SPD mayor Carsten Sieling, who is hoping voters will opt for a “safe pair of hands”.Continue reading

Angela Merkel - Germany Politics News Headline

Angela Merkel has been dictating the terms of EU developments, commanding the center in Germany. She can no longer do either. Due both respect and admiration, Angela Merkel leaves her country more divided, the EU weaker, than either were when she came to power.

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Angela Merkel - Germany Politics News Headline

The leader of Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Bavarian allies said on Monday that his Christian Social Union (CSU) would do what it could to ensure the federal government remained stable after the party suffered humiliating losses in an election in Bavaria. “We will do our bit to ensure that the grand coalition can continue to do its work in a stable manner despite some of the comments that were made yesterday,” said Horst Seehofer, who is also Germany’s interior minister. Continue reading