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Senkaku Islands - Japan News Today

“Given that military organizations always need to assume the worst possible situation, it is natural for the two countries to work on this kind of plan against China,” said Bonji Ohara, a former naval attache at the Japanese Embassy in Beijing who is now a senior fellow at Sasakawa Peace Foundation, a Japanese think tank.Continue reading

Denny Tamaki - Japan Okinawa Politics News

The bicultural, newly elected Governor Denny Tamaki of the southern Japanese island of Okinawa plans to visit the United States with a message to the American people: Stop building a disputed military base and build peace instead.

“The people of Okinawa have opposed this new base for more than two decades and so there is a basic mistake in Henoko” because the democratic process is being ignored. We believe the Japanese government should assert that view to the American government, not keep insisting that Henoko is the only solution.”Continue reading