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Maduro - VS Trump - Venezuela - US News Today

“The apparent goal is to give the U.S. the ability to apply the law beyond its borders to allies of Maduro like China, Russia, Cuba, Iran and Turkey,” said Russ Dallen, the Miami-based head of Caracas Capital Markets brokerage. “Should those foreign entities continue doing business with Maduro they can have their U.S. assets seized.”Continue reading

Juan Guaido vs Nicolas Maduro - Venezuela News Today

“This meeting ended without agreement. We have insisted that the mediation will be useful for Venezuela whenever there are elements that allow us to advance in support of a true solution,” Juan Guaido’s office said in a statement.Continue reading

Nicolas Maduro and Military Support

“Do not come to buy us with a dishonest offer, as if we do not have dignity,” Defense Minister Vladimir Padrino said in Thursday’s video while standing by Maduro’s side. “Those who have fallen and sold their souls are no longer soldiers, they cannot be with us.”Continue reading