Sebastian Kurz - Heinz-Christian Strache - Austria News

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz has been ousted by the country’s parliament in a no-confidence vote, triggered by an ongoing video scandal.

The motion was backed by representatives from the Social Democrats and the far-right Freedom Party, which was in coalition with Mr Kurz until a week ago when its leader became embroiled in the video sting and stepped down.

Mr Kurz ended their alliance and led what was effectively a minority government.

Austria’s president must now appoint a chancellor to form a government that can garner parliament’s support until the next national election, expected to be held in September.

His previous coalition ally, the far-right Freedom Party (FPÖ), backed the motions brought by the opposition Social Democrats (SPÖ).

The FPÖ had become embroiled in a political scandal caused by a secret video, which ended the coalition.

Mr Kurz, head of the conservative Austrian People’s Party, is the first chancellor in post-war Austrian history to lose a confidence vote.

At 32, he is the world’s youngest state leader.

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