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The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, during the days of the “Army-2019” forum, for the first time submitted archival documents from the times of the Great Patriotic War, which were previously kept under the “Top Secret” signature. They completely refute the recently popular theories in the West that the Soviet Union allegedly “occupied” the countries of Europe at the end of World War II.

Victoria Kayayeva, deputy head of the research department of the Central Archive of the Ministry of Defense, brought to the Zvezda studio just a few suitcases of papers from which it was time to remove the stamp of secrecy, and now they are a sensation. They documented that the Soviet Union, while the Great Patriotic War was going on, helped the people of Poland and Budapest with food.

“If we open this volume, we will see that there is a certificate on the implementation of the resolution of the State Defense Committee of February 9, 1945 on sending bread products to the interim government of the Polish Republic. I note that the fighting is still underway. Here, right in tons, it is indicated how much and what kind of material – cereal, flour, rye, that is, food – was sent to the Polish population. In March – 20 thousand tons, in April as much. There is an indication of the stations from which it was recovering. These are all stations in the depths of the Soviet Union, ” says Victoria Kayayeva.

Russia Declassifies Documents On Soviet Assistance to Western Countries During The Great Patriotic War
Russia Declassifies Documents On Soviet Assistance to Western Countries During The Great Patriotic War

That is, even in those conditions when there was a famine in the Soviet Union, grain reserves and fields were destroyed, the country found the means to send food to Poland, which also survived the occupation.

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Another document is dated May 29, 1945. It orders the provision of assistance to the Polish state in the organization of sowing. It has been documented that seeds were supplied to the population of Poland in order for the Poles to sow their fields and get crops that they themselves will then dispose of.

“Are there any documents elsewhere that testify that the“ invaders ”bring with them seed, provide food for the local population, help children. Is the “occupiers” doing this? ”, Asks the representative of the archive of the Ministry of Defense.

Famous shots, in which Russian soldiers in Berlin drink milk for German children, can now also be documented. Victoria Kayayeva presented a resolution of the military council of the 1st Byelorussian Front, which was carrying out hostilities in Berlin, about organizing the distribution of milk to the children of Berlin in the studio “Stars”.

“At that time in Berlin in 1945 there were about a million children. And now, children under 8 years old were provided with milk by our servicemen. That is, in this way, our military took care of the health and future of the nation of Germany. Ordinance “On the supply of milk to the children of the city of Berlin”. Next comes a link to the decree of the State Defense Committee of May 8, 1945. That is, the act of surrender has not yet been signed. And it says that the supply of milk to children up to 8 years of age should be organized at the expense: and then comes the indication of how this is all organized. Attached areas that will be responsible for the supply of milk, “- said Victoria Kayaeva.

In another declassified Ministry of Defense archival volume collected information on the assistance of the Soviet Union to almost all the liberated countries: Poland, Austria, Czechoslovakia and Germany. So, on April 23, 1945, it was documented that Poland should be assisted in the form of: cattle – 150 thousand heads, cotton – 20 thousand tons, unwashed wool – 2 thousand tons, large skins – 100 thousand to ensure the Polish industry and organization jobs in the country.

Other documents already deal with the rendering of assistance by the Soviet Union to the countries of Eastern Europe. They, in particular, contain a certificate from the headquarters of the rear of the Red Army and correspondence with the management of the rear of the fronts about the shipment of food to Budapest.

“It says that grains, sugar and meat were allocated in tons: grains – 15 tons, sugar – 2 tons, meat – 3 tons. At the same time, everything that was transferred and shipped was subjected to the most severe control. This program could not be unfulfilled. Those responsible for its implementation were appointed, and literally every kilogram transferred was under the personal responsibility of the persons who were responsible for this, ”the archive’s specialist explains.

Russia Declassifies Documents On Soviet Assistance to Western Countries During The Great Patriotic War - Russian News Headline
Russia Declassifies Documents On Soviet Assistance to Western Countries During The Great Patriotic War

According to Victoria Kayayeva, every citizen of the Russian Federation or a foreigner can now familiarize himself with all these documents. This can be done on request, having come to the reading room of the archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. According to the expert, permission to declassify the documents of the Second World War is given according to plan, as certain periods of time pass. So, any attempts by the West to falsify the history of the times of the War will repeatedly suffer a crushing defeat, and all accusations against Russia and doubts about its role in the Great Patriotic War will remain groundless.

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