Philippines Rodrigo Duterte and Daughter Veronica Duterte

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President Rodrigo Duterte had to hurry home upon arriving from Moscow, Russia yesterday afternoon to be beside his youngest daughter Veronica who is down with dengue.

“I have to go see Kitty. She has dengue. But she is already on the safe level,” Duterte told The STAR.

The President said he was in Moscow for five days and his partner Honeylet Avanceña was in Germany for an engagement with the Department of Trade and Industry.

The youngest daughter of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte has contracted dengue fever, a serious viral infection spread by mosquitoes which can develop fatal complications.

Veronica ‘Kitty’ Duterte, 15, was inoculated against the virus with a vaccine called Dengvaxia. However, in late 2017, the drug’s manufacturer, Sanofi Pasteur, released a statement saying that it carried a risk to people who were vaccinated without having previously suffered from dengue, exposing them to an even worse infection should they later contract it.

President Duterte, who has just arrived back in the island nation after a five-day trip to Moscow, said the teenager “is already on the safe level,” the Philippine Star reports.

Confirmation of his daughter’s illness comes just days after the leader said that he is suffering from the neuromuscular disorder, myasthenia gravis. He reportedly made the revelation in a speech to the Filipino community in Moscow on Saturday.

The incurable autoimmune disease causes weakness in skeletal muscles, particularly those involved in breathing and moving limbs. The condition is not known to limit life expectancy.

Then special assistant to the president and now Sen. Christopher Go himself told the press in May 2018 that Kitty and Duterte’s granddaughter Sabina were among those who received shots of the controversial vaccine, but did not give details on when the children were given shots.

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