Mitch McConnell, Joe Biden, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez

“When discussing the future of American democracy (whatever that means anymore), age is much more than just a number – the Democratic establishment made it that way,” said an op-ed in the January issue of Teen Vogue that bemoaned the lack of younger people in congressional leadership and the Oval Office. “They’ve relied on the youth vote without representing young voters’ concerns, but that’s a trick that won’t work much longer. It’s time to hear us out. It’s time to give us a turn. It’s time for real renewal.”Continue reading

Vladimir Putin, Human Rights, Black Lives Matter BLM, US Capitol Insurrection

Russian President Vladimir Putin: “America recently faced some of the hardest events in its history, after the murder of an African American and the creation of the whole Black Lives Matter movement. I will not comment on this now, I just want to say that the things we saw – pogroms, violations of the law, and so on – we sympathize with the Americans and the American people, but we do not want this to happen on our territory.”Continue reading


Stacey Abrams: “When you break democracy for anyone you break it for everyone. It may seem like a small thing, restricting who has access to the right to vote or limiting the amount of water you can get when you’ve been in line for eight hours. The array of laws that are being proposed and passed. They’re limiting access to the right to vote. They’re anti-election workers… We’re seeing a subversion of democracy.”Continue reading