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Nicola Sturgeon today insisted she has ‘every right’ to call another Scottish independence vote as Brexit has strengthened the case for the break up of the UK.

Scotland’s First Minister refused to say precisely when she wants to hold an IndyRef2 – but put No10 on notice that she could call it any time in the next three years. The SNP leader also blasted the British Government for ‘ignoring’ and sidelining Scotland’s interests in the crunch Brexit talks.

Scotland voted against becoming independent in a referendum held just four and a half years ago in a vote nationalists said would settle the question for a generation. But Ms Sturgeon has seized on Brexit to launch a fresh push for independence, claiming that Scotland is being ripped out of the EU against its will.

Ms Sturgeon told BBC Good Morning Scotland:

‘Everything that has happened over the past couple of years, from Scotland facing exit from the EU against our will to every reasonable attempt at compromise to protect Scotland’s interests by the Scottish Government being spurned, to the powers of the Scottish Parliament being eroded, to the UK Government even taking the Scottish Government to court.

‘All of that has strengthened and reinforced the case for Scotland to be independent, because these are not just academic arguments, all of this will have a material impact on Scotland’s economy and well-being for decades to come.’

Nicola Sturgeon:

‘The case for independence is materially strengthened from an already strong base in 2014 because of all of the experience of Scotland in the last two years. We were told in 2014 that it was voting for independence that would put in peril our membership of the European Union.

‘Because we didn’t vote for independence, we now not just find ourselves facing exit – the voice and the interests of Scotland are being completely ignored and sidelined.’

Ms Sturgeon – who is determined to see Brexit stopped – also called for another EU referendum to be held.

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