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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has said that the country is developing “offensive missiles” cable of hitting anywhere across the region. Apart from that, Tel Aviv eyes launching “micro-satellites” into space.

The Prime Minister gave a speech on the country’s advancement in the military and aerospace technologies on Monday, while visiting Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI). The company is actively developing “offensive” missiles, Netanyahu said, as well as weaponry “with special capabilities that no other country has”.

The missiles “can reach anywhere in the area and any target. This is the offensive power of Israel which is very important for us in all sectors,” Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated.

Apart from that, the country seeks to expand its foothold in space through launching “micro satellites,” Netanyahu said, while holding a mock-up of such a device. “Space is a huge sphere that the State of Israel is entering.”

The statement from the Israeli PM comes as the situation in the whole Middle East region remains tense. Over the past year, Israel has repeatedly attacked neighboring Syria, citing the alleged presence of pro-Iran militias and Iranian troops there. Syria, in turn, has repeatedly denounced such attacks as open aggression against the country.

One such attack resulted in the accidental downing of a Russian surveillance plane and the loss of its crew. Moscow squarely pinned the blame for the incident on Israel and its military endeavors in the neighboring country. Russia has since supplied the Syrian government with modern S-300 anti-aircraft systems.

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