Kamala Devi Harris - Kamala Harris USA News

Kamala Devi Harris was born on 20 October 1964. Growing up in Oakland, Kamala had a stroller-eye view of the Civil Rights movement. Read Kamala Harris Biography and Profile.Read More →

Marzieh Hashemi - Melanie Franklin - NEWS TODAY

Marzieh Hashemi (Melanie Franklin), a natural-born citizen of the United States and a naturalized citizen of the Islamic Republic of Iran was born on 21 December 1959 in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA. Read Marzieh Hashemi Biography and Profile.Read More →

Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías - Venezuela Hugo Chavez News

Born in Sabaneta, Venezuela, on July 28, 1954, Hugo Chávez (Hugo Rafael Chávez Frías) attended the Venezuelan military academy and served as an army officer before participating in an effort to overthrow the government in 1992, for which he was sentenced to two years in prison. Continue reading Hugo Chavez Biography and Profile.Read More →

Julian Castro - USA News Today

Julian Castro was born on September 16, 1974, along with his twin brother, in San Antonio, Texas, where his family has lived since the 1920s. Continue reading Julian Castro Biography and Profile.Read More →

Tom Perez - Tom Edward Perez - USA DNC - US Politics News

“The United States gave them my parents opportunities even though this was their adopted homeland. They would tell me how much they loved this country and how it was important for me to be involved.” – Thomas Edward Perez.Read More →

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - USA Politics Stories Today

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, an American politician, educator, and political activist, was born 13 October 1989. Continue reading Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Biography and Profile.Read More →

Elizabeth Warren - USA Politics News Today

Elizabeth Warren was born in Oklahoma City on 22 June 1949. She attended George Washington University, 1966-1968; graduated University of Houston, B.S., 1970. Continue reading Elizabeth Warren Biography and Profile.Read More →

Patrick Michael Shanahan , Patrick Shanahan , Patrick M. Shanahan - US NEWS

Patrick Michael Shanahan (Patrick Shanahan) was born on 27 June 1962. Shanahan’s father, Mike, was a Vietnam veteran who served in the U.S. Army. Continue with Patrick Michael Shanahan Biography and Profile.Read More →

Orrin Hatch - Orrin Grant Hatch - USA Politics News

One of Senator Orrin Hatch’s particularly noteworthy achievements on the Judiciary Committee is the Religious Freedom Restoration Act of 1993—a bill he co-authored with the late Senator Ted Kennedy.Read More →

Marc Lamont Hill - US News

“Marc Lamont Hill is incontestably one of the leading scholars of our generation,” said Dr. Shaun R. Harper, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. “Any university would be lucky to have him on its roster — his homecoming is a huge win for Temple.”Read More →

Jeb Bush - USA Politics

Born on February 11, 1953, in Midland, Texas, Jeb Bush is an American politician best known for serving as Florida’s governor from 1998 to 2007. He is the son of 41st U.S. President George Bush and brother of 43rd U.S. President George W. Bush. Continue reading Jeb Bush Biography and Profile.Read More →

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador - Lopez Obrador - Mexico Politics Today HEadline

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador was born on 13 November 1953 to a family of modest means in the southeastern state of Tabasco. Continue with Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Biography and Profile.Read More →