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Leymah Roberta Gbowee, National Orator on the 172nd Independence Anniversary, says Liberians failed to ask the hard questions during elections, and therefore, they elect people who steal, grab and go (SGG). Madam Gbowee said the ruling position often has misplaced priorities as their development agenda is nicely written on paper, but implementation is basically their private projects. “I agree things are tough; life is hard; people are hungry, but if we failed to ask the hard questions when we have the power, why are we surprised when we elect people who “Steal, Grab and Go,” Leymah Roberta Gbowee said. This year’s Independence Day Celebration was held under the theme, “Together, We Are Stronger,” which Madam Gbowee described as befitting for the times in which Liberians find themselves. She said that the values that kept coming up time and again in her listening tour were transparency, truth, equality and love for country above self. Madam Gbowee statement amid unearthing of unfolding situations in the country was greeted with total silent, especially when she raised concerns on “how can we be together in the presence of very harsh economic conditions; when corruption is still at its peak?” She continued: “How can we be stronger together when individuals who were poor yesterday are now living in mansions and driving cars that cost enough to fund good schools for our children?” Madam Gbowee further quizzed Liberians, with specific reference to those in authorities, “how can we be stronger together when women are still dying…

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