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I was born July 6, 1986 in Avellino, but until the day before being elected in Parliament I lived in Pomigliano d’Arco, in the province of Naples, the city where the Fiat plants are located and where the current Alenia is based.

This is also why the engines, and cars in particular, have always fascinated me and Enzo Ferrari has always been one of my myths , a man to admire for his ability to realize an entrepreneurial dream.

At the age of 10 I wanted to be a policeman because I felt the sense and necessity of justice, especially in a land like mine devastated by the Camorra .

I have been swimming and diving for many years, also learning from these sports to maintain calm and concentration.

My civic and political commitment was born in the years of the Classical Lyceum. I still remember when, as a student representative, I laid the foundation stone of my new school building, after years of having been forced to lecture in dilapidated classrooms, while the primary school had even collapsed during the terrible earthquake in San Giuliano di Puglia.

After high school, I attended the Faculty of Computer Engineering for several months, then went to Law. I became president of the student council and I founded the studentigi studentigiurisprudenza. It association, an independent association still active today that deals with protecting the rights of students.

One of the results achieved, and that made us very proud, was to get students to sign up for online exams, avoiding hours of travel from the entire region. A simple and banal thing, but it had never been done before.

In September 2012, in the cinemas of Naples and the province, distributed free of charge, the documentary “Commerce”, filmed with a friend to denounce the dramatic situation of small traders in my city: dozens of failed activities and forced to close. In those years I also wrote about local events, becoming a journalist .

At the same time I was attending university, I started a business project of e-commerce, web marketing and social media marketing , now carried out by my former partners.

In 2013, at the age of 26, I had the honor of becoming the youngest Vice-President of the Chamber of Deputies , a position held during the XVII Legislature.

In November 2013 I held my first speech in Parliament, in the Chamber of Deputies, dedicated to one of the themes that is closest to my heart and to which I have dedicated more effort: the toxic fires of the Land of Fires.

On this front a first, decisive result obtained with the 5 Star Movement was the approval in May 2015 of the Law on Ecoreati , waiting in Italy for twenty years and that would never have seen the light without the decisive action of our parliamentary group.

I was part of the XIV commission, which deals with the policies of the European Union, and I was Chairman of the Supervisory Committee on the documentation activity and on the House Library .

In Parliament, I worked in particular on administrative transparency, security and law enforcement . But the greatest effort was dedicated to the fight against the waste of politics and the privileges of caste, such as annuities .

And then the focus on small and medium-sized businesses , the heart of the Italian production system: together with my colleagues, I activated the Microcredit Fund for businesses, fueled by half of our salaries, which we pay each month to the Fund. These are millions of euros available to businesses, and thousands of new jobs created throughout Italy.

On 23 September 2017 I was nominated as Political Leader and Prime Minister of the 5 Star MoVement .

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