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Born on 12 July 1976 in Tucson, Kyrsten Sinema went through some tough times growing up. Kyrsten family struggled to make ends meet, and for a while they were even homeless. But they got by thanks to family, church, and hard work. Kyrsten’s childhood experience showed her the power of hard work and the importance of helping others.

Kyrsten knows firsthand the challenges everyday Arizonans face.

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Education was Kyrsten’s ticket to a better life. With the help of student loans, academic scholarships, and financial aid, she went to BYU and then ASU, where she now teaches as a proud Sun Devil.

After graduating, she worked with students and families in Arizona who faced some of the same challenges she did. Kyrsten’s commitment to service led her to the Arizona Legislature, where she passed a law to help veterans get in–state tuition at all Arizona public universities, cracked down on sex trafficking, and advocated for children’s health care and education.

Now Kyrsten works every day to deliver for Arizona families – expanding access to quality, affordable health care, helping veterans get the benefits they’ve earned, creating good–paying jobs for Arizonans, and keeping Americans safe at home and abroad.

Kyrsten feels a duty to serve and give back to the communities and country that gave her so much. She got her shot at the American dream, and she’ll keep working to make sure all Arizonans get theirs too.

Kyrsten Sinema brings passion and knowledge to the causes she fights for – and a unique ability to win. In 2011, Kyrsten was lauded by the Arizona Republic for her “remarkable” ability to “partner with Republicans in both the House and Senate” to pass legislation while remaining “a staunch defender of key Democratic priorities.”

Kyrsten Sinema has always been a passionate advocate for women and families. Her first job was helping survivors of domestic violence, and she’s taken that dedication into public service. In Arizona, Kyrsten passed laws to increase penalties on sex traffickers and empower law enforcement to crack down on predators. Kyrsten stood up for kids by working with her colleagues across the aisle to expand the critically important AMBER Alert system to tribal lands in Arizona and across the U.S. She also successfully led a bipartisan effort to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act.

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Kyrsten believes a woman, her family, and her doctor should decide what’s best for her health – not Washington politicians. She stands up for women’s health clinics like Planned Parenthood and opposes efforts to let employers deny workers coverage for basic health care like birth control.

Kyrsten Sinema believes women deserve equal pay for equal work, and she’s determined to help close the gender pay gap.

Kyrsten knows there’s nothing more important than keeping Arizona families safe. That’s why she’s worked to keep our military strong and fully funded, pushed for aggressive action to defeat ISIS and other overseas threats, and supported law enforcement here at home.

Kyrsten Sinema believes we need a strong, smart strategy to defeat terrorism. That means destroying terrorists abroad and stopping terrorists from entering our country. Kyrsten has fought to cut off terrorist groups from the illicit revenue they count on. She has passed laws to make sure the United States has an effective plan to keep money out of the hands of terrorists and to cut off oil revenue to ISIS.

Arizona has a proud military tradition, and servicemembers and veterans are a vital part of our communities. That’s why Kyrsten has worked to save military jobs here in Arizona and voted to increase funding for our military bases and give servicemembers a pay raise. In the Senate, she’ll continue working to ensure our troops have everything they need to keep us safe and free.

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