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It was a busy day of battle for the BJP which fought through the day in the hope of scenting victory before nightfall. When the assembly adjourned in the evening on Thursday without putting the confidence motion, moved by the CM, to vote, state party president B S Yeddyurappa refused to leave and decided to make the House his home. He even told his party legislators to stay put.

At the end of the day, it was the BJP legislators who had to face a ‘floor test’, some sleeping on the floor and some on the sofas.

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While heated scenes prevailed in the assembly during the daytime, it was a much more relaxed atmosphere in the evening, as the BJP members had the assembly building all to themselves.

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While a few elderly MLAs and some women legislators could be seen excusing themselves from the night out, one leader was prominently visible in his trademark white Safari suit.

Lounged on a sofa outside the assembly, talking to his party members or eating a simple vegetarian dinner of chapati, rice, sambar, rasam and vegetables, state BJP president BS Yeddyurappa made himself comfortable as the party settled down to wait for the night. In fact, sources said he was one of the first to jump at the idea of staying inside the assembly as a sign of protest.

Later, when MLAs Madhu Swamy and Suresh Kumar held a wide-ranging discussion on the Constitution, Yeddyurappa eagerly listened and chipped in.

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The discussion is sure to help him face off against the coalition MLAs on Friday when the house reconvenes.

The meal helped refresh those who stayed back after the long legislature session and with all the adrenaline flowing, it was but natural that talk would turn to the future.

Especially with the Governor issuing directives to Chief Minister HD Kumaraswamy, asking him to prove his majority by 1.30 pm on Friday.

Many legislators when they heard of the plan, immediately made arrangements to spend the night in relative comfort.

Some rushed home as soon as the house was adjourned, to return with their nightclothes, bedsheets and pillows. This is not the first time the BJP has pulled such a stunt and many MLAs are familiar with what the assembly has to offer in terms of comfort.

A few leaders, like MLA Ravi Subramanya, managed to get home-cooked food. Others used their brief time outside to meet a few experts to seek opinions and clarifications on matters of law.

Many even brought jogging shoes and yoga mats, with overalls, for their morning jog or bout of exercise.

As a last-ditch resort, these MLAs can visit the Legislators Home, a few minutes by walk, where many have been assigned accommodation.

It would give them the opportunity to show up fresh faces for another day of battle.

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