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John Joseph Magufuli was born on October 29, 1959 in the Chato Region of Kagera, which is currently located in the Geita Region. The son of a peasant farmer, John Pombe Magufuli won the election to become Tanzania’s next president on his 56th birthday, so it is the perfect gift for him. He was never part of the inner-circle of the governing Chama Cha Mapinduzi (CCM) party, so it came as a surprise to his critics that he secured its candidature for the presidency.

His nomination angered CCM stalwart and ex-Prime Minister Edward Lowassa, who crossed to the opposition to challenge Mr Magufuli for the presidency. With the backing of the formidable CCM machinery, Mr Magufuli won the 29 October poll with 58% of the votes to Mr Lowassa’s 40% in a fiercely contested election.

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John Joseph Magufuli Full Biography and Profile
He became known as “The Bulldozer” for driving a programme to build roads across the country. Those close to him say he is keen on details and when he embarks on an assignment he pursues it to completion.

However, this very trait has cost him friends. His critics say he is very abrasive, and he received a lot of criticism for auctioning off state-owned homes to government employees and the public.

Once a maths and chemistry teacher, he went on to become an industrial chemist – and was awarded a doctorate in chemistry from Dar es Salaam University in 2009.

John Magufuli Work
His political movements began in 1995 when he was in favor of the parliamentary seat in the Chato province and was appointed Deputy Minister in the Ministry of Construction. In 2000 Dr. Magufuli contested and won the second time and was appointed Minister of Construction of the Ministry.

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In addition, in 2005 and 2010 elections, he continued to hold a parliamentary seat in the Chato province and won the election and was appointed Minister of Land Affairs, Housing and Housing Development until 2008 when he was transferred to the Veterinary and Fisheries Ministry, which led up to in 2010. In 2010 he was re-elected as a member of the Chato as appointed Minister of Construction.

John Magufuli Education
John Joseph Magufuli started his education at The Chato Primary School from 1967 to 1974 and went on to The Katoke Seminary in Biharamulo for his secondary education from 1975 to 1977 before relocating to Lake Secondary School in 1977 and completing in 1978. He joined Mkwawa High School for his A levels in 1979 and completed 1981.

That same year he joined Mkwawa College of Education for a Diploma in Education Science, majoring in Chemistry, Mathematics and Education.

Magufuli earned his bachelor of science in education degree majoring in chemistry and mathematics as teaching subjects from The University of Dar es Salaam in 1988. He also earned his masters and doctorate degrees in chemistry from The University of Dar es Salaam, in 1994 and 2009, respectively.

John Joseph Magufuli Family
Married with five children, Mr Magufuli was born in north-western Tanzania’s Chato district along the shores of Lake Victoria.

John Joseph Magufuli anf His Religion
Mr Magufuli is a staunch Catholic who loves singing in the church choir and playing traditional drums.

  • John Joseph Magufuli Biography and Profile

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