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Mayor of Kingston, Senator Delroy Williams says he will be training his focus on a functional transport centre for downtown Kingston, among other things in order to make 2019 “a year of fulfilment” for his administration.

Williams made the announcement at the Kingston and St Andrew Municipal Corporation’s first Council Meeting for 2019, where he was reviewing the council’s undertakings over the last year and plans it has in place for this year.

In addition to a functional transport centre, the mayor said he envisions that the city must focus on supporting the creative and entertainment industry, a pilot for on street parking, completion of the Ward Theatre, support for Kingston Creative Art District and a 21 days approval for most building applications.

In reviewing 2018, he expressed satisfaction with several civic ceremonies including the presentation of the Keys to the City of Kingston to the Reggae Girls as well as the Ashe Dance Troupe, Tivoli Dancer Troupe, Stella Maris Dance Ensemble as well as the National Dance Theatre Company.

He also made mention of the 14 per cent increase in revenues from places of amusement for the January to November 2018 period when compared to the same period in 2017.

The mayor mentioned that sister-city partnerships with Birmingham and Gibraltar were notable accomplishments as each has brought their own benefit to the city.

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He also disclosed that Gibraltar Mayor and Former Miss World Kaiane Aldorino-Lopez will be visiting Kingston in February 2019 to commemorate the end of her tenure as mayor and pay tribute to Kingston for having provided refuge to the Gibraltarians during World War II.

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