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New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern once spent her Easter weekend selflessly driving strangers across the country after their flight was cancelled.

In a Facebook post that has gone gone viral, Ms Ardern revealed she was stuck at Wellington Airport on Easter in 2014 after a storm had cancelled her flight.

The mother, who was only an MP at the time, said she was lucky enough to secure a rental car and decided to offer lifts to a group of stranded passengers who were also trying to see their loved ones over Easter.

Thousands of people have since shared the post – written by Ms Ardern – since it resurfaced in the last few days, saying her actions reveal her good character.

‘A tiring but lovely start to Easter. Like lots of other people at Wellington airport last night, I got stuck,’ the post to Facebook reads.

Ms Ardern then explained that her flight and replacement flights the next day had been cancelled and one group of her fellow passengers looked particularly disappointed.

‘I was lucky enough to grab a rental car, so I doubled back through the airport to try and find the upset looking group from my flight. Turns out that one was due at a wedding, the other a 21st, and the third just wanted to see her family.’

The group then drove across the country together to make sure they reached their destinations on time.

‘And so here we are, a random collection of people who have had the loveliest reminder that New Zealand is beautifully small,’ Ms Ardern wrote.

Many commenters on Reddit praised Ardern and even offered other examples of her good deeds.

‘Not her biggest fan, or a Labour voter. But I believe she is a genuinely good person. I think she really does want to make the country a better place,’ said one Reddit user.

‘A few years ago, a person I know was fundraising for an art project… Jacinda Ardern donated to that… People that do nice things for relative strangers are people who care about others. They are good leaders,’ said another commenter.

‘It’s reassuring to know that the country is being led by someone who is genuinely a better person than most of us (or me at least). As an aside last week she hand wrote a card to some of my relatives who were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary. I doubt I would bother with such things if I were as busy as her,’ another added.

Yet another Reddit user posted a photo with the PM at a local school fete this week.

Other Reddit users, however, have wondered if the post resurfacing is a PR stunt design to take the focus off Ardern’s announcement last week that no political party she leads would implement a Capital Gains Tax.

Ardern has been facing heavy criticism over her government’s failure to reach agreement on the tax system with much of the blame being placed on political infighting.

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