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Italy’s coalition government was in crisis Friday after far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini pulled his support and called for snap elections. The heightened political tensions in the heavily-indebted country — the eurozone’s third largest economy — rattled financial markets, where yields rose on Italian government bonds. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, who has held several rounds of talks to try to ease the crisis in the 14-month-old government, angrily called on Salvini to justify his move. Salvini has clashed frequently in recent weeks with his fellow Deputy Prime Minister Luigi di Maio of the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S) over a range of policies. He upped the pressure Thursday, saying there was no longer a majority to support a government and calling for new elections. “Let’s go straight to parliament to say there is no longer a majority… and quickly go back to the voters,” Matteo Salvini said. The move sparked a crisis described by the left-wing newspaper La Repubblica as “a farce that makes no-one laugh”. Shifting political sands Conte, who has held separate talks with Salvini and President Sergio Mattarella, went on the offensive, saying it was not for the firebrand interior minister to summon parliament. He called on Salvini “to explain to the country and justify to the electorate, who believed in the possibility of change, the reasons that brought him to abruptly interrupt” the activities of government. Both houses of parliament are currently on recess for the holidays and are not due back until September. Long-rumbling tensions…

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