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With the prospect of a no-deal Brexit becoming ever more likely under British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, the remaining EU member state with most to lose — Ireland — is hardening its rhetoric. Ireland has a land border with Britain that it wants to keep free-flowing after Brexit and it fears massive economic disruption if Britain crashes out of the EU. Since Johnson took over last Wednesday, Irish leaders have warned his plans are unrealistic and could lead to the break-up of the United Kingdom and a united Ireland. “The Irish government are responding to facts on the ground’ as they emerge, and the fact is that Boris Johnson’s current approach is leading to no deal,” said Jonathan Evershed, a politics researcher of University College Cork. “I think everything the Irish government has said is a) true and b) an attempt to confront Johnson’s government — which has wilfully lost its grip on reality.” Duncan Morrow, a politics professor at Ulster University, said: “Standing up to a ‘bullying’ approach by Britain is part of the DNA of Irish politics, so no Taoiseach (Irish prime minister) can be seen to fold simply because a U.K. premier raises his voice.” Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar was the first to react to Johnson’s victory speech Wednesday, saying his stated goal of renegotiating the Brexit deal entirely by a deadline of Oct. 31 was “totally not in the real world.” Irish Foreign Minister Simon Coveney on Friday then warned that Johnson was putting Britain…

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