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Latvians Take Center Stage In Latvia Election - Latvia Politics News

According to the latest polls the ruling coalition of the Union of Greens and Farmers, the National Alliance and the Unity party looks to be well short of forming a majority government. Ethnic Latvian parties have resolutely kept the pro-Russia Harmony party from power in the former Soviet republic as they sought ever closer ties with the West. Here's the full story.

Jean-Claude Juncker - EU NEWS TODAY

British planes could be stopped from landing in the EU if Brexit talks fail, according to Jean-Claude Juncker. The European Commission president said at a public meeting in Freiburg: “Sometimes I have the impression that the British think that it’s us quitting Great Britain, but it’s exactly the other way around.”Here's the full story.

Same Sex Marriage News

Some Coalition campaign posters urged people to vote “Yes” to defend family values or run the risk of gay couples stealing or adopting their children. A separate advert said a “No” vote would enable a man to marry a tree.

“Many fear that what has happened in other countries, such as legalizing marriage between a man and an animal, could happen here,” the leader of the ruling Social Democrat Party (PSD), Liviu Dragnea, told television station Romania TV.Here's the full story.

Gavin Williamson - UK NEWS

Britain’s military capabilities easily dwarf those of any other EU member state apart from France. It also has diplomatic and intelligence services that are among Europe’s best resourced and most capable.

“We will further strengthen the European pillar in NATO, contribute to European security and improve Europe’s resilience to security threats,” Britain and Germany said in a document which did not mention Brexit. Here's the full story.

Angela Merkel Pledges German Fight Against Anti-Semitism On Israel Visit

German Chancellor Angela Merkel: “Almost 80 years ago, on the pogrom night of November 9, Jews in Germany faced unimaginable hate and violence. This was followed by unprecedented crimes against civilization in the form of the Shoah. Germany has a perpetual responsibility to remember those crimes and to confront anti-Semitism, xenophobia, hate and violence.”Here's the full story.

Brexit - UK News - EU Politics Stories - Europe

If Britain genuinely wanted a good last-minute Brexit deal, Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt should probably not have compared the European Union to the USSR. Brexit saga sees a revitalization of politics on both sides, allowing the country to focus its attention on the issues that really count. Before we get there, however, it looks set to be one hell of a ride.

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Boris Johnson vs Theresa May - UK Brexit News in Politics

In a speech which delighted an audience at the Conservative Party conference, Boris Johnson called for no new taxes and extra health service spending whilst the room erupted into cheers when he said May needed “to chuck Chequers”, as her Brexit proposals are known.

“This is the moment to chuck Chequers,” Boris Johnson said. “If we cheat the electorate, and Chequers is a cheat, we will escalate that sense of mistrust.” Here's the full story.

Dominic Raab - UK Politics News

Britain cannot be bullied, Brexit minister Dominic Raab said on Monday, sharpening the government’s criticism of the European Union for taunting Prime Minister Theresa May and souring difficult Brexit talks. “What is unthinkable is that this government, or any British government, could be bullied by the threat of some kind of economic embargo, into signing a one-sided deal against our country’s interests,” Raab said. Here's the full story.

Macedonia Flag (Left) and Greece Flag (Right)

Macedonia has struggled for recognition of its name since its birth in 1991 when the landlocked country declared independence from Yugoslavia. Athens protested immediately, accusing Skopje of stealing the name of its own northern province also called Macedonia. The dispute stretches back nearly three decades, with both countries claiming links to Alexander the Great’s ancient empire of Macedon, which spanned the territories.

Besa Arifi, a law professor says: “This is the first time I am seeing Macedonians and Albanians campaigning together for common goals. This will give us more opportunities to unite all citizens around shared values.”Here's the full story.

Theresa May - Politics Headline UK News Today

British Prime Minister Theresa May’s Conservative Party began gathering for its annual conference on Saturday, bitterly divided over her plans to leave the European Union which threatens to derail any deal and put her own job in doubt. Just six months before Britain is due to leave the EU on March 29, 2019, Theresa May has said talks to clinch a divorce deal are at an impasse. Here's the full story.

Theresa May - UK Conservative Party Politics Headline News Today

Theresa May became British prime minister in 2016 because of the Brexit vote in which the country decided to leave the European Union. Her predecessor, David Cameron, resigned when voters rejected his advice and opted to quit the EU after more than four decades of membership. May’s entire premiership has been devoted to making Britain’s departure happen.

“Brexit is like a Pac Man that’s consuming everything, “Allison said. “And one of the problems is that if we find a fudge on Brexit, that won’t stop the debate. We could be having this war for the next 10 years.”

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Knut Arild Hareide - Norway Politics News

In a speech, Christian Democratic Party chief Knut Arild Hareide, who for the last five years has backed Conservative Prime Minister Erna Solberg, recommended that his party’s board later this year endorse Labour’s Jonas Gahr Stoere instead. “We’ll have an open, democratic process at our party to make this decision,” Christian Democratic Party chief Knut Arild Hareide said. Here's the full story.

Skripal - UK Spy News - Russia Spy Headline Story

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said: “We don’t know to what extent we can make any formal conclusions about who looks like whom, are they alike, where they lived, where they grew up. On Red Square there are still 10 Stalins and 15 Lenins running around, and they look remarkably like the originals. We do not want to participate any more in the propagation of this issue as a partner of the media.”Here's the full story.

Gina Miller - UK Politics News

Gina Miller, who took the British government to court over triggering Brexit, said if Britain leaves the European Union next year all sides must accept the result and the campaign to remain in the bloc should be abandoned.

“Whatever happens at the end of the Brexit process we have got to draw a line under it. Everyone is obsessed. Our bandwidth is completely taken up with Brexit. Our money, our time … We can’t carry on like this. We need to make the best of it.” Here's the full story.