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Five months after the independence of the Belgian Congo. That is to say that on 29 November 1960, a baby born of the Marian union of fau BAKALI RAMAZANI and SIFA TABU more precisely in Kasongo. We are in Kilungay Groupement, Bangubangu Kabambare area. Territory of Kabambare. Province of Maniema. The couple Bakali and Sifa decide to give his baby the name of Emmanuel RAMAZANI SHADARY.

Already, to observe his reflexes and gestures immediately after his birth, a Midwife who attended Maman SIFA TABU exclaimed “He will be very awake and very intelligent”. The oracle of the Midwife was realized when at the end of his primary studies in 1974, he achieved 86.4% to obtain his certificate which serves as a visa to begin secondary school. Here again, Emmanuel SHADARY RAMAZANI confirms the prophecy of the Midwife of Kasongo by completing his pedagogical humanities with 73%.

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Winner of his school, RAMAZANI SHADARY is admitted to the University of Lubumbashi, at the Faculty of Social, Administrative and Political Sciences. From the first cycle to the second, he graduated in 1987 with five distinctions. It is thus nicknamed ” blow on blowBy his contemporaries. It is with the mention “the greatest distinction” that he finishes his third cycle in political and administrative sciences at the University of Kinshasa where he is a doctoral student since 2015. French, Lingala, Swahili, Tshiluba and English (medium) are his favorite languages.

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Married to Mrs. Wivine PAIPO NGWELI, Emmanuel SHADARY is a father of 8 children and has a long experience behind him. This as Assistant and Director General of Higher Education and University, Actor of the Civil Society Maniema and the Sovereign National Conference, Vice-Governor, then Governor of Maniema (1998-2001) under Mzée Laurent Désiré Kabila.

Co-founder of the People’s Party for Reconstruction and Democracy (PPRD) in 2002, he became National Executive Secretary in charge of the Electoral Process and Discipline from 2005 to 2015.

In 2006 and 2011, he was twice elected National Deputy in the constituency of Kabambare. During the same period, he was the Campaign Director of Candidate President Joseph KABILA in Maniema. First Vice-President of the PAJ Commission in the National Assembly (2006-2011), he will then assume the functions of President of the PPRD Parliamentary Group and Coordinator of the Parliamentary Majority in the lower house until today.

On May 17, 2015, as a reward for his merits and success in political crises, the one who is still nicknamed “the man of difficult situations” is appointed Assistant Secretary General of the PPRD by his Initiator, Joseph Kabila Kabange.

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