David Makhura, Gauteng - South Africa

Like President Cyril Ramaphosa’s state of the nation address, the premier’s ‘roadmap for 2030’ isn’t short on big dreams. Gauteng Premier David Makhura’s state of the province address (Sopa) on Monday morning revealed a vision for a Gauteng which proves that President Cyril Ramaphosa is not the only leader with big dreams. David Makhura described a “vision for Gauteng,” which he said formed part of a plan titled “Growing Gauteng Together: Our Roadmap to 2030”, which will be finalised by August. The premier envisions a Gauteng almost entirely devoid of social ills. He spelt out a list of his wishes for the province. This would be a Gauteng where “no one goes to bed hungry”, “the economy reflects the full diversity of our population and harnesses the full potential of all the people”, “everyone has a job and earns a living wage”, and “businesses, big and small, thrive and prosper”. In addition, in Makhura’s proposed Gauteng of the future, “every household has access to basic shelter, a piece of land and a decent income”, as well as “quality healthcare”. David Makhura: “Everyone, young and old, has access to the kind of education that unleashes their full potential” and “all residents have access to basic services and quality infrastructure”. In addition, Makhura wants to provide a province where “everyone feels safe and can walk the streets at any time”, “women enjoy their rights, free from all forms of patriarchy”, and “the environment is protected and cared for”. The wish list continues…

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