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South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa believes that Africa’s relations with China has entered a golden age. In an interview, Ramaphosa described the just ended Forum on China-Africa Cooperation as successful.

“In many ways, it was historic and it was actually an important step. The relationship between China and Africa has now entered a golden age, a true age of deep cooperation”, Ramaphosa said.

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He said the Cooperation should make it possible to balance the trade structures of both parties, adding that the Chinese market is more open to Africa. Ramaphosa also said African countries want more inclusive projects for its people.

China is open, but not only open, it wants to open up access to its market for value-added products from Africa.

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“China is open, but not only open, it wants to open up access to its market for value-added products from Africa’‘, South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa said.

Many countries feel that with China, we have a significant partner, not only there to steal and plunder the resources of the African continent, but a partner that wants to help its partners achieve higher levels of industrialization “, he said.

The South African President debunked assertions that Chinese investments and assistance to Africa is a kind of ‘’ new colonialism’‘.

“I refute and debunk this notion, which is propagated by people who are envious and jealous of this relationship, which would be a “new colonialism”. There is no “new colonialism”, it is a relationship deeply rooted in history, “ he said.

Some 53 African leaders participated in the Forum. The next Summit will be organized by Senegal in 2021.

– Reuters

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